Security Specialist Adam Quirk

May 15, 2017
Adam QuirkMore than a decade ago, Adam Quirk began to work as a Diversion investigator with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). In that position, he served a critical role on many teams that investigated instances in which drugs were intercepted by criminals on their way to be delivered to legal sellers like clinics, hospitals, or pharmacies. There were many reasons why Adam Quirk was chosen as a key player on those teams and one was based on his commitment to learning everything he had to know to be as effective as possible in his interdiction efforts.

The fact of the matter is, Adam Quirk has always held education and learning at a high level of esteem. That is why he now spends every moment possible in an attempt to learn everything possible about the new techniques and technologies available that might make his job easier and/or more effective. The fact that Adam Quirk spends considerable time reading and absorbing criminal justice-related literature means he will always get better at his career in law enforcement.
Adam Quirk tends to be very forward-thinking person, which makes him very important to the criminal Justice community. He has become highly trained in numerous technologies designed to pinpoint locations and identify suspects. Among these include cellular phone tracking, call detail record analysis, and radio frequency technology. He has worked on these technologies enough that he qualifies as a cellular technology expert in federal and state courts and he can testify, even if he is not part of the case.